Financial Report

Annual Report 2005
Midland Holdings Limited (01200)
ĄDCorporate Information
ĄDCorporate Profile
ĄDCorporate Structure
ĄDKey Financial Highlights
ĄDYear in Review
ĄDChairman's Statement
ĄDManagement Discussion and Analysis
ĄDHuman Resources and Community
ĄDCorporate Governance Report
ĄDReport of the Directors
ĄDInvestor Relations
ĄDBoard of Directors
ĄDManagement Executives
ĄDFinancial Contents
ĄDAuditors' Report
ĄDConsolidated Income Statement
ĄDConsolidated Balance Sheet
ĄDBalance Sheet
ĄDConsolidated Statement of Changes in Equity
ĄDConsolidated Cash Flow Statement
ĄDNotes to the Financial Statements
ĄDList of Investment Properties
ĄDFive-Year Financial Summary

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