Corporate Governance

The board recognises that sound and effective corporate governance practices and procedures, with an emphasis on integrity, transparency, accountability and independence, are essential to enhance the shareholders' value and safeguard the shareholders' interest. The Company is committed to maintaining a good corporate governance standard and endeavors to ensure that its businesses are conducted in accordance with all applicable rules and regulations.

Corporate Governance Practices

The Company has complied with all the code provisions set out in the Corporate Governance Code as stated in Appendix 14 to the Rules Governing the Listing of Securities on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited.

ĄD Board of Directors
ĄD Board Committees
  (1) Executive Committee  
  (2) Audit Committee  
  (3) Remuneration Committee  
  (4) Nomination Committee  
  (5) Risk Committee  
ĄD List of Directors and their Role and Function
ĄD Procedures for a Shareholder to Propose a Person for Election as a Director
ĄD Memorandum of Association and Bye-laws of the Company
ĄD Policy and Procedures on Disclosure of Inside Information
ĄD Whistleblowing Policy
ĄD Internal Controls
ĄD Communication
ĄD Dividend Policy
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