Corporate Milestones

History stands to show how Midland Realty has taken advantage of every market opportunity to develop from a neighbourhood agency into a professional property broker

Signing strategic partnership agreement with Matterport to be the first to introduce the "Digital Twin" technology in China
The Group was the first property agency in China to partner with the spatial data giant, Matterport, Inc. and introduce the "Digital Twin" technology with which customers can design their homes in a virtual space and even purchase the furniture they need directly.
Launching the industry's first "VR Property Tour with Agents" service
In order to help customers minimise the risk of COVID infection, the Group launched the industry's first "VR Property Tour with Agents", enabling customers to join the agent online in "contactless property tours" with the use VR technologies as if they are there in person.
Organising the first online award ceremony and honoring frontline elites twice under the pandemic
Despite the pandemic, the Group managed to achieve remarkable results to which our elites deserve all the credits. Thus, the Group held an award presentation ceremony at a six-star hotel in mid- 2021 with the management presenting the awards to frontline elites in person to recognise their hard work. The prolonged pandemic could not deter the Group from recognising its staff. Thus, it pioneered the industry by holding the first online award presentation ceremony which was kick-started by showcasing the Group's achievements and delightful moments in 2021 through well-produced videos. To highlight the glory of the winners, the management presented some of the awards in person while the remaining awardees were invited to express their feelings through short videos. In order to allow the awardees to celebrate the glorious moment with their friends, family and clients, the Group even deployed the latest "Time Stamp" technology that enables audience to watch a specific part of the video with just one click.
Receiving developers' commendation for consecutive successes in new property projects
The Group seized market opportunities and achieved a series of outstanding sales performances in new property projects, which earned us extensive trust from developers. In addition to being appointed as the sole agent for a number of new developments such as Emerald Bay, La Aldea, La Maison De La Salle and VAU Residence, the Group has also won the top spot in the sales of a number of new property projects.
Creating remarkable customer experience with the new "Midland Deluxe" website
The Group is committed to providing personalised customer experience according to the needs of different customers. Thus, it pioneered the industry to launch a new website named "Midland Deluxe" to cater for the surging demand in luxury properties and associated information. With the help of a designated professional team which offers VR videos, photos, news and useful information pertaining to top-tier properties, customers are then able to find desirable and comfortable properties and enjoy the most thoughtful home purchase experience.
Becoming the judge of HKSTP's sci-tech competition under the online property hunting trend
Online property hunting has become a popular trend under the pandemic, with the number of visits and inquiries of Midland's website and app both hitting a record high of 180 million and 310 thousand respectively. To provide customers with the best property journey, the Group has become the strategic partner of Hong Kong Science Park (HKSTP) on a 3-year term, and was invited to be the judge of the science innovation competition, "Elevator Pitch Competition" which allowed it to identify innovative solutions for property hunting.
Recording millions of monthly log-ins for the optimised property management system "M One"
The Group believes that sharp tools make good work. As such, in order to provide comprehensive support to the frontline staff, it has optimised its property management system, "M One" by launching 2 daily updated functions, including "First-hand Listing 2.0" and an exclusive electronic consumption chart. This allows its staff to stay abreast of the latest first-hand and second-hand property listings via mobile phones and tablets, thereby helping them to grasp business opportunities anytime and anywhere.
Presenting awards in the CPU Annual Conference to encourage staff
The Group has always valued and cared for its staff, and is committed to creating a pleasant working environment for them. Thus, it organises the "Central Professional Unit (CPU) Annual Conference" for its CPU staff on a yearly basis. Apart from listening and responding to staff opinions, the Group also presented several CPU awards, such as "Best Team Award", "Manager of the Year Award" and "Outstanding Employee Award", to recognise staff with remarkable contribution and performance in the previous year.
Acknowledging staff contribution with celebration dinners
The pandemic wreaked havocs around the globe, countless businesses struggled to survive. However, with concerted efforts by and mutual support among all its frontline and back office staff, the Group managed to boost the market share in the first and second-hand markets and recorded a 3-year high in its interim results. In order to thank its staff for their efforts, the Group held an array of celebration events, where the management acknowledged all department's contribution and encourage them to keep up the good work in the coming year to reach new heights.
Organises a series of large-scale job fairs to expand manpower pool
With the property market booming and the labour demand growing significantly in 2021, the Group seized the opportunity to expand by organising a host of large-scale recruitment events, including the industry's first large-scale job fair and a city-wide recruitment week with interviews conducted across all branches, to attract young talents from all walks of life. The events were well-received with a considerable number of candidates getting the chance to shine in the career platform provided by the Group after passing on-site interviews.
Enhancing customer experience with continuous digitalisation
Dedicated to catering for customers' property-related needs, the Group strives to craft a professional, innovative and thoughtful mobile app experience for individuals through continuous enhancement of its website, mobile app and property-related contents. As at the end of March 2021, the Group marked multiple achievements, including having nearly 20 million views for Midland's website and mobile app, the "Instant Property Valuation" service being used for nearly 420,000 times and the number of properties listed online monthly exceeding 520. With all of these data reaching historic peak, the Group's digital reform is proved to be effective.
Setting the trend with the first-ever "Property Tour with KOL"
With property purchase demands shifting online in the wake of the pandemic, the Group took the initiative in April 2020 to introduce "Property Tour with KOL", a well-received promotion campaign in which frontline staff acts as a "KOL" to guide viewers through an online property tour, thereby setting the trend for filming online property introduction videos. As at the end of 2020, the Group has uploaded over 1,800 videos with almost 20 million views across all platforms, which not only allowed the campaign to receive extensive media coverage and helped agents close numerous deals including luxurious residences worth tens of millions of dollars in one day the shortest, but also enabled customers to search for properties anytime and anywhere, and enjoy a more convenient property purchase process.
Exploring cross-sector cooperation to jointly create a "beautiful life" with customers
To provide customers with more thoughtful property-related and value-adding services and assist them in leading a "beautiful life", the Group actively seeks to offer its customers a variety of benefits in different aspects, such as wealth management, property purchase, health, lifestyle and so on, by collaborating with virtual banks, insurance companies, financial institutions, online trading platforms and other renowned businesses.
Brand new digitalised branch design
To enhance customer experience through constantly upgrading branch designs and facilities, the Group has established the industry's first fully-digitalised branch in LOHAS Park, where the "digital property management system" has been adopted for the first time. The system is directly connected to a 100-inch "holographic screen" which, together with other screens in the branch, will display the real-time property information within one minute after it has been uploaded to the database, thus allowing the branch to provide customers with timely, comprehensive information while being completely "paperless". The Group has also deployed "district maps" in its branches to provide internal training and allow customers to swiftly obtain property information, such as the latest listed properties, their locations and floor plans, through a touchscreen. More branches will adopt such digital designs in the future to optimise the purchase experience.
Sponsoring property-related programmes for investment education
Upholding the principle of "understanding before investing", the Group proactively shoulders the responsibility to enhance citizens' financial literacy by sponsoring multiple property- or mortgage-related TV programmes broadcast by renowned local TV stations. With experts sharing tips on property purchases and mortgage applications, the programmes served to keep the public abreast of the latest property information, deepen their understanding of the property market and help them make the right property-related decision.
Holding annual award ceremony to recognise elites and boost staff morale
The Group believes talents are of extreme importance to the development of a corporation. In this regard, despite the difficulty in organising large-scale events amid the pandemic, it managed to hold an annual award ceremony to recognise the frontline elites for their outstanding performance against the backdrop of a slackening economy. The management attended the award ceremony and encouraged its elites to keep up the good work, seize the upcoming opportunities and strive for greater heights.
Establishing the "Kowloon and New Territories Headquarter for Residential Division"
As part of the Group's rapid expansion, the brand new "Kowloon and New Territories Headquarter for Residential Division", with a floor area of nearly 8,000 square feet, was set up and officially commissioned to provide one-stop sales support to the Group's frontline elites. Equipped with flexible spatial design and comprehensive facilities, such as a spacious conference room accommodating up to 300 people, the headquarter serves as an ideal venue for staff mobilisation, large-scale property seminars and staff training, thereby assisting staff in closing deals, enhancing their competitiveness and gaining market share.
Receiving developers' recognition for brilliant performance in the new property segment
Having recorded remarkable sales performance in the new property segment and earned the trust of developers, the Group was appointed as the sole agent for various new property projects, such as Aquila·Square Mile, Grand Metro East and the Richmond. In addition, it has also topped the industry in other new property projects, including but not limited to Arbour, The Entrance and The Bloomsway.
Optimising the property management system "M One"
In order to provide holistic support to its frontline elites, the Group sought to optimise its property management system "M One" in all aspects, including enhancing the property search interface so that agents could manage listed properties via mobile phones or tablets, and allowing agents to draft their own property proposals with real-time updates of the property and owner information, thereby enabling staff to close deals anytime and anywhere.
Organising the industry's first scalable job fair with over 1,000 job vacancies
Rooted in Hong Kong for nearly half a century, the Group has been rising the ups and downs with Hong Kong people. In view of the damage brought by the pandemic, the Group held the industry's first large-scale job fair, hoping to fight the recession with Hong Kong people by offering over 1,000 job vacancies. The job fair received heated responses and some candidates were even employed right after on-site job interviews and could therefore start a new career at the Group.
Hosting career seminars to help the youth plan ahead for their career
As a leading corporation in the industry, the Group has been actively nurturing future leaders of the society by organising various online and offline career-related activities, including seminars, mock interviews and sharing sessions, to help local students gain an in-depth understanding of the real estate agency industry, plan ahead for their career, hone their job interview skills and cultivate the right working attitude.
Gifting wireless chargers and granting annual CPU awards to motivate staff
As an industry leader, the Group constantly invest resources in talent acquisition. In response to the pandemic, it has launched the industry's first "Cloud Recruitment" video with frontline elites originated from different sectors sharing their journey at Midland as a real estate agent, hoping to help those affected by the pandemic while strengthening its talent pool.
Innovative technologies
The Group strives to enhance its digital marketing strategies and omni-channel promotion though big data analysis. To meet the demand for online property purchase, it has launched the revamped "Midland Realty App" featuring more thoughtful functions. With the average daily number of downloads reaching 4 times more than that of the previous version in the first quarter after its debut, the app allows customers to promptly kick start their property purchase journey anytime and anywhere. The Group was also the first to partner with a scalable local bank to launch the new "Instant Property Valuation" service on its website and mobile app so that customers can refer to real-time online property valuation when searching for flats and then set the best budget for property purchase and mortgage application. Such service has processed over 450,000 enquiries in the first 4 months after its launch. The Group also deploys "360 Cameras" to expedite the filming process. Thanks to the epidemic, the Group's official website has become citizen's prime channel for property enquiries, as proved by the number of visits that has surged by nearly 60% from the outbreak of coronavirus to late March.
Receiving developers' recognition for brilliant performance in the new property segment
The Group has recorded brilliant sales performance in the new property segment. With close relationship with major developers and remarkable sales figures that are widely-recognised, Midland Realty was appointed as the exclusive agent for various new property projects, including AVA228, One Eighty and others. Top sales performance was also achieved in various new projects including The Grand Marine, The Vantage, OMA OMA, L'AQUATIQUE, Poggibonsi and others.
New branch design concepts
The Group strives to create a "Perfect Experience" for its customers through constant optimisation of branches. Among all branches, the one at Ocean Walk, Tuen Mun adopted an entirely new customer-oriented design concept with electronic screens and district maps showing comprehensive information of properties, agents and housing estates. Together with comfortable reception areas and meeting spaces, the new design concept has made ��seamless integration of online and offline property search�� possible. In the future, more branches will be further enhanced with other innovative elements for the purpose of helping customers search for their dream home.
Launching another new social media channel "Midland Prosperous Channel"
The Group has always kept abreast of the times. In order to provide customers with richer information on property purchase and wealth management, the Group launched the "Midland Prosperous Channel" comprising a total of 9 channels. Among all, the live programme "Fortune Live Broadcast" is the first of its kind in the industry. Inviting professionals from different sectors to share their investment know-how, the programme offers its audience the latest property market information and assists them to seize the opportunity to enter the market, which allowed its views to amount to nearly 1 million within 3 months after its premiere. More information, including a new channel featuring agents sharing videos of properties for sale, was offered to provide customers with property recommendations anytime and anywhere.
Organising CPU Annual Conference to motivate staff
The Group is dedicated to promoting a "people-oriented" culture across the organisation and organises "CPU Annual Conference" specifically for staff from its Central Professional Units (CPU) on a yearly basis. The Group's management shared plans on future development, conducted live Q&A forum with top management team and exchanged employment engagement views across the team.
TV premiere of Midland��s "Building a Prosperous Future" series
The Group once again pioneered the industry by partnering with a TV broadcaster to launch the industry's first TV series featuring stories of real estate agents. Named "Building a Prosperous Future", the programme deepens public's understanding of the real estate agency industry by inviting industry elites to share their pursuit of success, tips for property purchases, journey with Midland as well as stories of helping clients acquire their own homes.
Becoming the "Gold Brick Partner" of "MONOPOLY DREAMS HONG KONG™"
The Group's vision of "Building a Prosperous Future" coincides with the high-end image of Mr. MONOPOLY. As a result, it has become the Gold Brick Partner of the world's first MONOPOLY-themed attraction "MONOPOLY DREAMS HONG KONG?" upon its debut in Hong Kong. Both brands jointly launched robust promotion campaigns, and the Group offered free tickets to its customers from time to time as a token of appreciation for their continued support.
Introducing the cutting-edge Midland Confidence Index
With adherence to the spirit of "Understand First, Then Invest", the Group launched the first-of-its-kind "Midland Confidence Index". Based on big data analysis of the property price variation in the "Find Property" section of Midland's official website, the index reflects owners' attitude towards selling their properties and their confidence in the market, which helps the public seize the opportunity for market entry by providing forecasts for the trend of property price. The Group also rolled out the first "Midland Global Index" in the industry which collects property prices denominated in US$ in 14 first-tier regions or cities around the world. The index allows customers to compare the trend of property market in different regions over the past 10 years and therefore get a better grip on the market overview before entering into the market.
The Annual Dinner "Approaching Half a Century, The Golden Voyage of Midland"
Held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Midland Holdings Annual Party brought out the theme of "Approaching Half a Century, The Golden Voyage of Midland", demonstrating Midland��s grand history of nearly 50 years and its dedication to continued innovation and development leveraging on its solid foundation and its commitment to a glorious journey together with employees for a brighter future. Representatives of property developers were invited to the Cocktail Party and joined our management to celebrate with a toast on stage, showing determination to work together for future business opportunities. In addition to the remarkable performances and lucky draw, we also invited the popular girl-group "Super Girls" to be our guest performer, and they put on a brilliant show. Frontline elites also displayed their talents on stage. Talented singers from Midland Realty, together with those from Legend Upstar Holdings*, all participated in the "Sing! Midland" singing contest. Their brilliant performance propelled the atmosphere of the night to the highest and boosted our employees' morale.
A series of "Thanksgiving" promotion campaigns to reward our customers
The Group has continued launching promotional activities to address customers' need and reward their support. With the concept of "Smart Living", we provide a variety of souvenirs and offers as well as a wealth of information on the property market, in order to enhance the brand's advocacy. Besides giving meticulously designed table calendar and red-pockets featuring "Mr. S" to our valued customers, we have gifted robotic vacuum cleaner to customers who were unsuccessful to apply for the Home Owner Scheme and offered a second chance of "boarding". "Midland Rental Insurance" were also provided to landlord to ease the hassle of property leasing.
Developers' recognition on brilliant performance in newly launched properties
Capturing market opportunities, the Group's residential division has recorded brilliant sales performance on newly launched properties. With strong collaborations of major developers, Midland Realty was appointed as exclusive sales agent for AVA 228, No.62 Begonia Road, One Eighty, L'AQUATIQUE and LARVOTTO. Top sales performance was also achieved from various new projects.
Constant website enhancement to embrace new opportunities through digital innovations
The Midland website undergoes constant enhancement to keep pace with market development. We are among the first to launch a designated webpage for the "Greater Bay Area", providing detailed property market data and residential amenity information in Mainland China and Hong Kong. We have also meticulously crafted a new Home Owner Scheme webpage to provide eligibility check, sales and purchase instructions and Home Ownership Scheme properties listings. The revamped "Professional Agent Blog" has also been launched to cultivate business via comprehensive agency info provided in a professional manner.
Optimizing the mobile operation platforms
The launch and enhancement of the two major mobile apps, "M One" and "Listing Easy" ("L"), respectively, provide powerful functions for managing real estate listings and customer contact information, helping frontline sales personnel to break free from time and geographical restrictions and do business at anytime and anywhere.
Launching "Midland, We Care" for employees
Adhering to the corporate principle of Love & Care, the Group caters for every need of its employees by launching "Midland, We Care" series. The debut of the series was a tea party on Women's Day, where employees shared their views on sustained development of individual and career as modern career women. Healthy foods were also distributed to show love and care for all employees in the back office.
"Recapturing the classics while moving forward" CPU annual dinner
Themed "Recapturing the classics while moving forward", both management and back office staff donned themselves as characters of classic movies during the annual dinner of Central Professional Units (CPU), demonstrating high morale and unity in "making dreams come true" by becoming "superheroes" of the Group.
The Annual Dinner and 45th Anniversary Cocktail Party "We fight for glory"
The Annual Dinner and 45th Anniversary Cocktail Party was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Carrying the theme "We fight for glory", the event demonstrated Midland's dedication, throughout its 45 years of history, in creating industry legends with our staff in a united effort. Celebrities and representatives of property developers were invited to the Cocktail Party and joined our management to celebrate on stage, showing determination to work together for future business opportunities.
Initiating a new campaign about nurturing professionalism with professionalism
In December 2017, Midland Realty launched a new advertising campaign hosted by the highly intelligent character "Mr. S", introducing Midland's latest digital tools in property search. The campaign featured a family of three members, each with different requirements for agency services, and how our digital tools could fulfill them with professional assistance and convenient property searching services, with the objective of nurturing professionalism with professionalism.
Pioneering the industry to introduce the "Midland Chat"
Embracing its "Progressive" corporate value, Midland Realty introduced the "Midland Chat" on its official website, mobile app and social platforms. The platform is managed by a licensed professional customer service team, who have received intensive trainings, and supported by a comprehensive knowledge pool. Through online live chat, the team provides cross-district and personalised services to address customers' enquiries on property purchase in accordance to their specific needs. Upon requests, the team will also refer customers to frontline staff for following-up. This platform has not only successfully enhanced sales channels, but also continuously optimised service quality and improved customer experience.
Decade-high record of million-dollar branches
The Group endeavoured to increase its market share. Our sales team achieved outstanding performance continuously. In March 2017, more than a hundred branches at the residential division recorded sales results of over a million dollars. This decade-high performance was highly appreciated by the management.
"Back to School" CPU annual dinner
Themed "Back to School", annual dinner of Central Professional Units (CPU) gathered the management and back-office staff. All of them showed up in school uniforms, demonstrating high morale and unity in embracing the spirit of "Achieving your dreams with the very beginning mind".
Continuous website revamp facilitating informed home purchase
With "Knowledgeable" as its corporate value, Midland's website has kept visitors abreast of the latest information with revamped layout. At the same time, three regional pages, namely Kai Tak, North Point and Tseung Kwan O, were launched to provide comprehensive information about locational property market and complementary facilities. In response to the launch of new flats under Home Ownership Scheme (HOS) and regularising of "White Form Secondary Market Scheme" by the government,"Midland HOS Page" was introduced to provide transaction tips, information of HOS flats and a 1-minute qualification test, with the aim of devising the best plan of flat purchase for customers from information gathering to investment.
Introducing "Dream Pursuer" series on social media platform
Following the success of "Super Home Tour", the Facebook page of Midland Realty introduced another key project, "Dream Pursuer" series, sharing the experience of seven local young people and four stories of dream pursuit and encouraging young people to strive for their goals. It highlighted Midland's persistence on its "Approachable" brand value during its 45 years of support for Hong Kong people.
Establishing "Midland Distinguished Sales-talent Academy"
The Group actively developed talents for the industry and established "Midland Distinguished Sales-talent Academy" (MDSA) so as to provide a variety of advanced programmes for elite recipients of "Distinguished Salesperson Award" to sharpen their sales skills.
"Elite Club" organised morale-boosting activities
Top performers in the industry gathered at the activities held by the"Elite Club", including large-scale glee feast for hundreds of elites, property development inspection, etc., for a good opportunity of team-building, idea exchange and learning. For the first time, the Annual Tour ventured outside of Asia and aimed at landmark mansion projects in Sydney, Australia. In addition, upholding the corporate value of "Caring", the club also organised the charity activity "Send care with Ming Gor", bringing food to the homeless and singleton elders in the Sham Shui Po district.
Brilliant performance from newly launched properties won the recognition from developers
The Group has established a comprehensive business platform and provided strong backup for the frontline while the residential division has cooperated with major developers to seize the market opportunity to launch a series of properties that recorded exceptional sales performance. A number of transactions over HK$100 million were concluded. Such remarkable results were widely recognised and held in high regard by developers. It reflected in the award of "Annual Exceptional Performance Award (Individual)" by Emperor Group, outstanding sales results from acting as the exclusive sales agent of AVA55. Besides, a number of new property projects such as Seven Victory Avenue, NAPA, 2GETHER, Twin Regency and The Met. Blossom succeeded with top sales award.
Number of Midland branches with results over a million dollar reached a six-year high
The Group aimed at the opportunity arising from the prosperous first-hand residential market and endeavoured to increase its market share by deploying all-rounded strategies and the frontline team was committed to achieving outstanding performance. In September, the residential division recorded over 110 branches with results over a million dollar, a six-year high. Such outstanding performance was highly appreciated by the management at the award ceremony.
Establish "Deluxe Home Information Centre" to upgrade services
The residential division was aggressive in exploring opportunities in luxury residence and opened the Festival Walk branch and "Deluxe Home Information Centre". New service offerings, such as Mandarin-speaking luxury residence service officers and functional reform of Midland "Deluxe Home" webpage, improved professional information and purchase experience for customers. The opening ceremony was attended by representatives from various developers for further cooperation in market expansion.
Midland Realty Facebook page introduced "Super Home Tour" series
The Facebook page of Midland Realty introduced new contents following the activity of "HK$500,000 Down Payment For You". The "Super Home Tour" Campaign, a key programme on social media platforms, was hosted by Helen To, a famous travel expert. In each chapter, she joined various male artists in a tour in different district and shared information on the district and property purchase in a vivid manner with a view to promoting the underlying concept of "research before investment".
Introducing "Viewing 360�X" on the official website
An advanced version of "Find Property" was introduced on the official website of Midland Realty. In addition to an enhanced search function, "Viewing 360 Degrees", in particular, was also included to provide quality photos from all angle so customers may have access to the overall layout of a unit at any time. Midland "Deluxe Home" website was revamped to incorporate a new "360 Degrees' Experience" function so customers may enjoy a virtual tour in the luxury residence.
"Interactive Information Centre of Residence, IC&I and Parking Space" was launched
Midland Realty and Legend Upstar Holdings* joined hands to launch "Interactive Information Centre of Residence, IC&I and Parking Space", which provides customers with comprehensive information on residence, IC&I and car parking units through one-stop service for purchase and investment planning.
Setting up "Integrated Customer Centre" to build big data of customer
The Group set up "Integrated Customer Centre" which combines the capability of big data analysis, O2O (Online to Offline) platform and customer relationship management to analyse customer source , improved user experience and enhance platform competitiveness through customer communication channels, such as client visit and social platform.
Facilitating exchange activities and development of the industry between China and Hong Kong
The Group was concerned about the development of the industry and has spared no effort in advocating exchanges with industry participants. Through exchange activities such as visits by Guangzhou Association of Real Estate Agents and local industry elites, the Group had in-depth discussion on topics like property sales procedure, property features and business model of property agency in China and Hong Kong, facilitating value-added development of the industry.
Series of events to celebrate the Group's 20th anniversary of its listing
To celebrate the Company's 20th anniversary of its listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the Group put double-page commemoration Publication in a number of newspapers with a review of its corporate history and prospect for its future development. Property developers, media companies, business partners in the legal and finance industries as well as veteran investors sent their congratulatory messages through advertisements too. In addition, the Group also held a series of celebration events and reward schemes to reward clients and share the Group's success.
Initiating "Internet Plus" innovation project
To ride on the innovation and technology trend, the Group initiated the "Internet Plus" innovation project which involves revamping its professional back office team. The Digital Business Development and Operation Department and Property Data and Research Centre were newly established. These initiatives aim to expand the Group's business on its online platform, as well as enhance the online instant interactive and personalised services to offer all-round services to its clients.
Viewpoints on market showed authority in industry
The Group closely monitors the pulse of the market. Through press conferences on the property market, in-depth interviews, features stories, instant reaction and analytical articles, etc., it issued unique property insight, hence outlined the trend of the property market and showed its leadership role in the industry.
"HK$500,000 Down Payment For You" campaign
The Group launched a large-scale "HK$500,000 Down Payment For You" online promotional campaign, which offered a grand prize of HK$500,000 down payment f o r the winner. Meanwhile, the Group also launched another campaign "Non-stop Surprise" which gave out a number of trendy home electric appliances. During the one-month campaign, with a series of promotional activities and plentiful online and offline promotions, it had drawn enthusiastic response. The installation counts for Midland Realty's mobile app increased drastically and the number of followers on Midland Realty's official Facebook fan page also rose significantly.
Strengthening online information platforms
The Group has revamped its Midland Realty website and has improved the online property search engine. It also launched the third generation "Midland Realty App", and a website called "PropNews" (, with the objective of fully strengthening its electronic platforms and improving its social media platforms to enhance client's experience of searching for properties and property information online.
Establishment of long-serving employee club
The Group has set up the longserving employee club, namely "Club Seniority". Employees who have served 10 years or more in the Group are entitled to join the club and can enjoy various benefits to recognize their loyal services to the Group.
"Annual Dinner 2015" were full of starlight
The Group's "Annual Dinner 2015" was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The theme of this year's dinner banquet was "Starry Starry Night", meaning that Midland has groomed a countless number of super stars who shine and shimmer in the property agency industry. The highlight of the star-studded event was the annual "Award Presentation of Real Estate Agents". Various real estate developers not only attended the event to show their support, but also joined the Group's management to present a number of year-end awards to staff with outstanding performance. This represents the sincere cooperation between different parties hence the continuation to strive for a win-win situation for all.
"We are the Champion" sports event for solidarity
With the aim of boosting staff's energy level and morale, the Group organised "We are the Champion" sports event for the second year. Officiated by the Chairman who cheered for the participating staff, the games attracted more than 1,000 employees to gather at MacPherson Stadium and the staff enjoyed competing in different games and strived their best to win the champion.
"Elite Club" improved to give elite staff extraordinary experience
The "Elite Club" has gathered the high-calibre talents in the industry who are regarded as an important asset of the Group. Therefore, abundant resources have been put to fully revamp the "Elite Club" with the aim to improve the quality of its events, the support and the privileges that the elite members can enjoy. Members are rewarded with extraordinary experience which allows them to better equip themselves.
Developed social media platform to enhance interactive communication
Riding on the popularity of social media, the Group has followed the trend by setting up open social media platforms such as official Facebook page and a dedicated Youtube channel, which cover the latest news about the Company. These offer better communication channels and allow Midland to update its development and display its exceptional corporate culture.
Upgraded privileges for Midland Club members
The Midland Club keeps upgrading the privileges for its members by offering brilliant events and rewards. Apart from the lucky draw which has different themes every month, the Club also organises different family activities which aims at striking a balance amongst individuality, family, corporate and community.
Launched the new mobile app "Making a Deal"
The Group has developed a brand new mobile communication app called "Making a Deal" for its staff. It contains rich content about the property markets and it can be used to broadcast messages, which helps frontline and back office staff to keep abreast of the latest market trend and get prepared for every business opportunity.
"Annual Dinner 2013" - An epic event with local players
With a theme set on "Making dreams a reality", this grand occasion was literally a convergence of celebrities of the realty business in the city. For the first time in history, major local developers were invited to join us in this epic event which culminated in the "40th Award Presentation of Real Estate Agents". The Group's top management were there toasting and presenting a number of major awards o f the year with developers, recognising outstanding staff. This event fully manifested the fruitful cooperation amongst all parties.
Sports Day for Solidarity
Over 1,000 athletes within the Group gathered at Southorn Stadium, Wanchai to support the Group's sports event. It also became the talking point for the industry. Exciting basketball, badminton and other games were supported by coworkers from different districts. With our Chairman's presence, our morale and spirit were lifted up to a next level.
"Midland Club", the first membership scheme across the industry
"Midland Club" was the first membership scheme of the industry, which combined the concepts of Corporate Social Responsibility and Customer Relations Management. With a goal to create valuable family life, the club aimed at striking a balance amongst individuality, family, corporate and community.
Summit summoned against demand-side cooling measures
The "Demand-side cooling" measures seriously distorted the property ecology in the city. A summit on property market policies was organised to discuss the impacts those measures had on the people's life in terms of property market, livelihood and economy. The summit received overwhelming response, which attracted hundreds of people who were concerned about the property market.
Parade in opposing demand-side cooling measures
The Group's management and a considerable number of staff joined the parade organised by property associations, home buyers federations and those people seriously affected by demand-side cooling measures. They walked all the way from Victoria Park to the government headquarters to express their wish to revoke the demand-side cooling measures.
"Survey on Top 10 News on Property Market" to lead the industry
The demand-side cooling measures were a serious blow to property market. At the end of last year, "Survey on Top 10 News on Property Market" was organised to let the people vote for the most important market news. We also held press meeting on the review and overview of property market, providing the current situation under such policies and other comprehensive information. Extensive survey was also conducted to understand the home-buying intention of the general public.
TV program on property market information
In an attempt to build up an image of "Super Agent", make our elite agents well-known to the public and venture into the market, "Buy and Sell Made Easy" (上車落車至幫你), a television program on property market information was aired at the prime time through TVB channel. With a special casting of our frontline directors, the program aimed at giving home-buying secrets and enhancing the brand impacts.
A whole new wave of advertisements Strengthening brand recognition by building "Super Agent" image
In order to manifest Midland Realty's service commitment - offering "prompt, precise, sincere, caring and professional" services in a new way, the Group launched a brand new series of TV commercial campaign titled "搵樓搵啱人 唔駛等緣份". To find the right home, you can't rely on luck. "You must find the right agent", in which local celebrity, Ms. Rose Chan, was invited to take part in building up Midland's "Super Agent" image. The brand's young, invigorated and daring image is ingrained in the public, fully incorporating Midland's spirit as an accommodating agent to assist customers in property purchase and emphasis on after-sale services.
Elite Club, Glorious Results
The number of members of the Elite Club hit a new record in 2012, evidencing that the Group's platform has nurtured and gathered high-calibre talents with competitive edges. Various activities and overseas trips were organized to open up opportunities of transregional cooperations. Members of the Elite Club have displayed their talents via the broadened platform and produced glorious results of the Group.
The first estate agency responding to the government's new stamp duties policies
As a leading property agency, the Group provides updated market analysis and response to investors and public in response to market trends and changes. Even more, the Group was the first property agency who held a press conference responding to the new stamp duties policies issued by the government.
ponsoring the TV program "Living Up" for the fifth time
To enhance its brand's influence, the Group sponsored the TVB's TV programme on property "Living Up", for the fifth time, which signified the Group's solid leading position in marketing strategy and brand building over the years.
Celebration for the 15th Anniversary of Hong Kong Handover
Large-scale seminars on properties and stocks in Hong Kong, China and Macau For the celebration of the 15th anniversary of Hong Kong handover, various members of the Group such as Midland Realty, Hong Kong Property, Midland Financial Group and mReferral jointly conducted various seminars with informative hints which were well-received by the public.
The Fifth Midland Holdings Cup Race Day
VIPs gathered at the Hong Kong Jockey Club to witness the success of the Fifth "Midland Holdings Cup Race Day". The high turnout of city celebrities including property developers, bankers, media in the PRC and Hong Kong and renowned investors bore testimony to recognize the Group's standing in the industry and the community.
Directors Leadership Summit
At an offshore summit held in Macau, vigorous training programmes designed to strengthen sales directors' leadership and front-line morale and boosted team spirit.
Elite Club
A new high of 300-plus-strong membership of the Elite Club this year stands ready to lead the sales force to scale new heights. Elite Club will host a series of motivating events and hopefully will make its first stride out of Asia.
Xinhua News Agency's 80th Anniversary
Proactive expansion of business on the mainland has fostered close ties between the Group and various mainland bodies. Our executives were invited to the cocktail party to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Xinhua News Agency.
Management Associate Programme
The Group always aims at nurturing the business elites of the industry, and the Group's human resources development programme has been proven successful with injecting new blood and raw talents into the Group. Since its inception, a number of management associates have joined management department. In 2011, the scheme drew a record number of applicants.
Opinion Leader
As the opinion leader, the group urged the government to take care the interest of end-users. Meantime, the group organized the "One person one letter" program to help potential buyers, home-owners and property agents to express their concerns.
The Midland Holdings Cup Race Day was a huge success
Midland Holdings Cup Race Day was held on 19 Dec,2010. The presence of celebrities and renowned investors exemplified the leading position of the group.
Participated the exhibition organized by Economic Synergy
Recognizing the importance of property market education, the group always encourages the potential first-time buyer to do more preparatory work before entering the market. The group participated the exhibition organized by "Economic Synergy" and the purpose of the event was to encourage the young buyers to learn more about the market.
Launched New Apps
To cope with the market needs, the group launched applications for iPhone and Android to meet customer demand for timely dissemination of market intelligence, thus making the industry more professional and well-equipped with cutting edge technology.
Launch "Power of Foresight" DVD
Since the general public is getting more interested in the market development, the group launched the "Power of Foresight" DVD to help our clients to understand the market more. The DVD features the information about property market, mortgage and legal issues for free.
Promoting property market education via multi-media
Once again, the group sponsored a new series of " Living Up", a very popular TV progam by TVB of Hong Kong with a aim of promoting property market education through high rating mass media.
The " Recruitment Truck"
The " Recruitment Truck" ,first of its kind in Hong Kong, visited most of the districts to launch the recruitment campaign.
Expanding Branch Network
The group expanded its branch network in 2010 and installed "Touch Screen Information Service" at the shop front.
Distinguished Salesperson Award
The outstanding performers of the group clinched the 42nd Distinguished Salesperson Award which recognized the excellent sales skills of our staff.
The Success of the Midland Holdings Cup Race Day
The success of the Midland Holdings Cup Race Day on 6 December 2009 has further enhanced the leading position of the Group.
The Midland Property Price Chart
The Midland Property Price Chart was formally introduced in June 2009 to help the public understand more about the latest development of Hong Kong property prices in a more direct way. The Midland Property Price Chart is expressed directly in terms of average price per square foot, which gives a straightforward presentation on the latest pricing level and the performance of the property market.
Advertisement and promotion of "Legend of the White Horse"
Midland Realty's advertising campaign "Legend of the White Horse" PART II was launched. Its extensive promotion covered both television and printed media.
Legeng Upstar Holdings* successfully transferred to the Main Board of the Stock Exchange
Legeng Upstar Holdings* successfully transferred its listing status from the Growth Enterprise Market to the Main Board of the Stock Exchange. The move could enhance the Group's profile, and facilitate future development, financial flexibility and business development of the Group.
The Second "Management Associates (Innovations) Program"
Committed to fostering the professional for the next generation of the property agency industry, the Midland Group ran the second "Management Associates (Innovations) Program", in which the Group, for the first time, crossed the borders to select calibres who aspired to devote to the properties agency industry and to nurture them to be the new members of the management of the PRC Division with a one-year comprehensive training.
Legeng Upstar Holdings*
Legeng Upstar Holdings* listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, becaming the first listed company specializing in industrial and commercial property agency services.
Crown the Consumers Choice Award
Crown the Consumers Choice Award stating Midland is a professional brand in Hong Kong.
Outstanding Corporate Management Award
Presented by Capital Entrepreneur Magazine with the Outstanding Corporate Management Award.
Sales of Henderson' s brand new residential developments
Henderson Land Development Chairman Lee Shau Kee awards Midland with a gold plaque to commemorate its record-breaking efforts in the sales of Henderson's brand new residential developments once again in 2005.
Midland Immigration
Midland Immigration formed the strategic alliance with Guangzhou Huaguang to further explore the Mainland China market.
Midland Macau was the first property agency in Macau to crown the Q-mark certification.
Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Accredited as an Authorized Employer in order to train registered students under the Institute's Practical Experience Framework for HKICPA membership purposes. An Authorized Employer provides a consistent training environment (human resources and training systems) to the registered students.
Asiamoney 2005 Best Managed Company
December: As the Asiamoney 2005 Best Managed Company (Medium Cap category).
<Selected by investors and analysts from across the region, the winner demonstrated an impressive combination of financial and business performance, management strategy and vision, in addition to displaying a strong commitment to shareholder value, operational efficiency and corporate governance principals. Medium cap-(US$300 million - US$700million>
December: Midland Realty has joined force with Bloomberg in launching the joint property market intelligence product, namely "Midland 729 Property Journal" Data Service, on the BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONALR service.
Forbes Asia's the most successful public company
October: Acknowledged as one of Forbes Asia's the most successful public company(under a Billion US$).There are only 22 Hong Kong listed companies selected
1) Valued both growth and consistency
2) positive earnings growth during the past five years
3) Pretax margin of at least 5%in the latest fiscal year
MSCI Hong Kong Small-Cap index
May: Acknowledged asb Morgan Stanley Capital International Hong Kong Small-Cap index.
Hong Kong Q-mark Scheme
The Federation of Hong Kong Industries' Hong Kong Q-mark council acknowledged our service standards by admitting us into the Hong Kong Q-mark Scheme.
The Hong Kong Estate Agents Award Presentation
The Hong Kong Estate Agents Award Presentation is the first official accreditation for outstanding performers in the Group. In recognition of the painstaking objective behind the event, a number of major developers pitched in as co-sponsors.
ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System
Midland Realty International Limited- Midland Campus is certified by ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System.
Caring Company
Accredited by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service for contributions to the "Caring Company" programme again.
EVI Education Asia Limited
January: The Group reached a sale-and-purchase agreement with Valuewit Assets Limited, Summerview Enterprises Limited and EVI Education Asia Limited (listed as 8090 on the Growth Enterprise Market) to acquire majority issued shares for developing some potential business.


Midland Immigration Consultancy Limited
Set up an Immigration Consultancy to provide a comprehensive range of investment immigration consultancy services.
Midland Wealth Management Limited
Set up Midland Wealth Management Limited to provide clients with a comprehensive range of wealth management services including mutual fund investment, general and life insurance, staff benefit schemes, personal financial planning., MPF and other financial related services.
Superbrands Award in China
The only Hong Kong real estate agency to be named the second year in a row as a Superbrand . Meanwhile, Midland (China) to be awarded with the Superbrand accolade in the first Superbrands Award in China.
Midland Realty Cup
Sponsored "Midland Realty Cup" as a horse racing event, a first among real estate agencies in Hong Kong.
Midland Charitable Foundation
Set up "Midland Charitable Foundation" to help the needy in the community.
A first among Hong Kong agencies to set up in Macau, opening five branches in rapid succession.
The first and only real estate agency in Hong Kong to be awarded with the Superbrand accolade.
Caring Company
Accredited by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service for contributions to the "Caring Company" programme.
Best Management Information System
Named as the company offering the best management information system by world-renowned technology magazine, CIO Asia , a first among Hong Kong's real estate agencies.
Expanded aggressively the Mainland China real estate agency network, opening branches at these locations - Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Foshan and Shenzhen.
Hong Kong Property Services(Agency) Ltd.
Acquired Hong Kong Property Services(Agency) Ltd. in April to grab the largest market share locally.
Online Business
Invited in a Cheung Kong's subsidiary as a shareholder of the group's online business.
Ten Best Web Sites
Named one of the "Ten Best Web Sites" of "Hi-Tech Web Awards 2000" organised by Commercial Radio & Ming Pao Daily.
Launched mReferral as a joint venture in the mortgage referral business along with Cheung Kong and American Express Bank.

*Formerly known as Midland IC&I Limited, the Group's related company

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